Hi! I’m Kate.

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog for quite some time now. Like most of my previous gym memberships and haircuts, I know there’s a chance I’ll be over it in a few months, but I love the idea of documenting thoughts and life beyond Instagram photos and 140-character tweets. So here we go! I suppose I should introduce myself. (That’s me right there below, holding a chicken.)


My name is Kate. Just Kate. (Everyone always thinks it’s short for something else like Katherine or Katelyn — nope! ) When I was born the first thing the nurses said to my parents was, “Looks like you’ve got a red head!” They were right, and it’s still true. I have coppery red hair that I’m currently trying to grow down to my waist. Like borderline dirty hippie? I grew up in Dallas, Texas with my parents and my older brother. They’re really wonderful people, who I’m proud and thankful to call family.

I got married in October 2013 to a person far cooler than me — Nick. This is us.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 6.08.13 PM

He’s an adventurous bearded man from the northwest that I stalked followed online, after finding his blog through mutual friends. Luckily, he didn’t think I was TOO terribly creepy and followed me back on all of my social media platforms, which led to an in-person meeting while he was traveling through California on his way back from a nine month stay in Taiwan. So cultured, so dreamy. 10 months after meeting, we were The Edwards.

We now live in Los Angeles (yes, we both work in “the industry”) with a few plants, our dog Otter, and some of our dearest friends just a few blocks away. The destination of this blog is still to be determined, but I imagine that I’ll talk to you about lots of things here. Perhaps they’ll be as mundane as food, outings and clothing, or as deep as faith, fears and hardships. Either way, I’ll be writing. And I hope that whatever it’s about leaves you feeling a little better than you did before you stumbled upon or intentionally landed on my page.

For now I must be going. Talk soon, friends.



CONTACT: katemoranedwards@gmail.com

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