Gone Campin’

My pops recently retired. He worked for the government for 40 years. That’s almost double my life! He says he isn’t, but to this day I’m convinced that he was a part of the CIA. This post has probably already been flagged by them…

In his newfound free time, he decided to come visit Nick and I. Better yet, he decided to take us camping. Camping was always our thing growing up — “our” being me and him. My brother and mom loathed camping and almost always ended up sleeping in the car amongst a plethora of pillows, counting the minutes until we’d start the drive back home, while my dad and I took night hikes to see the stars and listen to the sounds of the forest, praying we’d never have to leave.

On this past weekend’s trip, we ventured through the Anza Borrego Desert, cruised by the Salton Sea and wound up the mountains to Idyllwild, where we set up for the night.

QUICK SIDE STORY: Nick and I decided to tackle setting up the tent together. As we were pulling things out of the bag, Nick asked where the second tent was. Somewhere in our packing and talking to my dad, there was a mixup about the amount of tents packed and we all quickly realized that there was only one tent. For all three of us. Me, my husband, and my dad. Perfect.

The rest of our evening was bliss. We sat around the fire and ate dinner, while telling stories and talking about our lives. Lots of families were set up on sites nearby, but for a while, it felt like we were the only three people for thousands of miles. That’s one of my favorite things about camping — the escape. The step away from full-bar cell service, or better yet, no service at all. The lack of shampoo and addition of bug spray and sunscreen. The coyotes calling to each other. The quietness of it all. The peacefulness that can sit with you.

Right next to our campsite there was a hollow tree. You could literally climb in the top and out the bottom. I’d never seen anything exactly like it, and it’s stuck with me. Since we left, I’ve wondered what it was doing out in that forest and more importantly, how it got there and got to be so hollow. It was kind of like a sad person, who you just want to figure out and hug. It clearly had an epic story. Perhaps we’ll get to know a little bit more the next time we visit.

See some highlights from our trip here!









**SIGH** Trees and the two men I love the most in this world.

For now I must be going. Talk soon, friends.


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