I Left My Heart In Central Park

Because this blog plays by no rules, I’m going to recap a weekend that happened way (not that far) back at the end of January. Mostly so I never ever forget it.

Every year for the past 12-something years my mom and three of her closest friends go to Manhattan for a weekend of eating, shopping, and show-watching. It’s their big splurge for the year. PLOT TWIST: My brother and his wife had a baby right around Christmas when they’d normally go. The trip for the fantastic four was off, but I somehow convinced my mom and her best friend of the NYC bunch (Michelle) to take me to instead a few weeks later. I’m still not sure if the other two women know about that… oops.

We ate amazing handmade pizzas and pastas at Eataly and fresh sushi at Catch. We walked into every over-priced store pretending we were filthy rich until we could no longer feel our feet. We nearly froze to death and walked the High Line. We watched Hugh Jackman in The River, Emma Stone in Cabaret, and my personal favorite that I still think about on a weekly basis, The Elephant Man with Bradley Cooper. If you’re reading this from London, stop what you’re doing and go get tickets right now. We did so many incredible things.

The last morning of our trip, we woke up early and walked through Central Park, something I had been hoping to do since I’d landed on New York soil. It was one of the only free activities we did, but it stole my heart and took the “trip highlight” cake. Snow had fallen a few days prior to our visit, and everything was still covered in a sparkly white coat. I almost didn’t take my nice camera, but I’m so very glad I did.

BA8A8188  BA8A8191     BA8A8194





 BA8A8228    BA8A8226

Here’s to wishing that it were still winter, to my amazing mom + friend, who take time off work to fly across the country and spend time with me, and to a city I hope to reside in one day, even if just for a brief time. (I’m looking at you, Meat Packing District.)

For now I must be going. Talk soon friends!


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