Kate’s Kitchen: Coconut Cilantro Tilapia

My friend Elise and I have a dream to gather 15-20 new and old friends once a month and host a dinner together. We want one long table, filled with delicious foods and a topic so people can easily meet and greet. Lights will hang above us and as the evening fades, we’ll laugh and chat to the light of candles. This is how I have it all in my head, anyway. There’ll be more to come on this in the near future…

In preparation for this hopeful adventure, I’ve been doing some cooking. By no means am I anything close to Julia Child, but I’m trying to go a baby step beyond grilled cheese sandwiches and baked potatoes. (And if that’s what you eat everyday, respect! They’re both delicious meals.) I’m slowly trying to learn about new fruits and vegetables, how to cook them, and different ways to serve them.

Last night I ventured into a heavenly place between India and Mexico and made Coconut Cilantro Tilapia. You serve it over brown rice, and it’s scrumptious. We cut open a watermelon too — the colors and tastes mixed perfectly. You can find the recipe (minus the jalapeño because I’m a wimp) here!


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A final thing to note that may either deter you from or draw you near this blog: My senior year of high school I became a vegetarian, and about two years ago I added fish back into my diet. My parents and friends back in Texas are still confused, but it just feels right to me. That said, any recipes you see on here will be veggie / fish focused.

For now I must be going (and eating). Talk soon, friends!


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