The Wild Standard

My friend Linsey and her business partner Tara recently paired up with my other friend Jed to create a flag because they’re all too crafty/adventurous/artistic for their own good.

Linsey designs the flags and Tara actually sews and studs them. Jed is an epic traveler. He returned home a few months ago from over a year on the road, biking all the way from Oregon to Patagonia and is now writing a book about it, thank goodness.

Together, they combined forces and created this really rad bee flag. Lins and I took her around Los Angeles for a little shoot this past weekend. Should you find yourself looking at these pictures thinking, “That flag would look perfect next to the sofa,” you can buzz (pun completely intended) over to The Wild Standard to purchase one.



BA8A9555    BA8A9573


 BA8A9602    BA8A9610



For now I must be going. Talk soon, friends!


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