A Perfect Day in LA

I love family.

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of seeing both Nick’s brother Isaac and his lovely wife Emily AND my parents. Nick and I wanted to take them places that are special to us, yet would be appealing to them. Together, we combined our minds and developed our “Perfect Day in LA” for out-of-town guests.

This obviously isn’t for everyone, but it worked swimmingly for the six of us…

We started with breakfast at LA Chapter in the Ace Hotel downtown. Almost everyone ordered the Chapter Breakfast, which never ever ceases to disappoint. I personally believe that the hash browns and mushrooms are the only way to go on the sides, but that’s probably because it takes me on a mental trip back to Ireland, where I wish I lived about 50% of the time.

After breakfast we drove over to Grand Central Market. We got a coffee from G&B to bring us out of our food comas (and a chocolate chip cookie to add to it), and walked around to people watch. Next we headed over to the Bradbury Building and gawked over the architecture. Fun fact: A few scenes from Blade Runner were filmed there.  If you’re feeling slightly active (we weren’t) you can walk up a long flight of stairs to the Angels Flight right across the street from G&B. You can also look at the infamous bench from (500) Days of Summer. They’ve blocked it off, so no sitting. Laaaame.

For our last portion of downtown, we hopped over the Arts District to visit a few of our favorite shops: Matteo, Alchemy WorksPoketo and Apolis. Warning: almost every object you’ll fall in love with will be pricey, but every once in a while, it’s fun to splurge on a small treasure from one of these places. We ended our time in the Arts District with some slices of heaven from The Pie Hole. My dad was especially happy about this stop because he is in a very serious relationship with pie — the man loves it. The Buttermilk Chess is amazing, but the Earl Grey is the most amazing.

Insert midday break back at home to rest and relax. 

The night finished up with a movie at The Vista Vintage Theater on the cusp of Hollywood. We snacked during our midday break and were too full for dinner, but if you’re recreating this day, I suggest that you take your people to Blair’s Restaurant, Night + Market Song or Mohawk Bend, which are all near the theater. And there’s always, always In-N-Out Burger

Adventure hats on!
























I can’t get over the look of joy on my dad’s face in this last picture. The next time I write, you can assume it’s been framed and placed on our bookshelf.

For now I must be going. Talk soon, friends!


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