At The Zoo

“Something tells me it’s all happening at the zoo…”

Simon and Garfunkel were RIGHT. My dear friends and neighbors Elise and Linsey text me late Sunday afternoon and said, “Zoo?”

Within a matter of minutes we were in my car, headed to the Los Angeles Zoo. The park was winding down, which was perfect for us because the only animals we really cared to see were the otters and koalas. We successfully saw both, along with many other creatures. We also relived our childhood and got Dippin Dots. You can’t not get Dippin Dots when you’re at the zoo…it’d be like going to a ballgame without those horrible nachos and peanuts.

I highly recommend gathering a group of friends, and zoo-ing it up in the near future.

Tips that we didn’t give to ourselves beforehand:

  1. Take a water bottle.
  2. Wear sunscreen or walk the “ginger-friendly path” which is basically all the shady spots.
  3. Dress in layers because somehow, even if it’s gloomy / borderline raining when you leave your house, it’ll become hot. It ALWAYS happens at the zoo.

Let’s go look at some animals, shall we?




















For now I must be going. Talk soon, friends!


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