Travel 101

I’m REALLY excited to be writing this post because it means I’m really close to leaving for a trip.

My 26th birthday is this Wednesday and Nick and I are going to Taiwan. He used to live there, so we’ll be doing a lot of visiting (revisiting for him, all-new to me) places he loves and exploring new places together. In preparation, I’ve put together a short list of some of my favorite travel necessities.

1. Swimwear – Best case scenario, you’re out hiking and you come across an epic waterfall. Worse case scenario, you’re at a hotel pool. Either way, always always take your swimsuit on trips and be prepared for water. I just picked up this Black Bikini Top and Black High-Waisted Bottom suit at Nordstrom, but it’s made by TopShop, so you could likely find it at either.


2. Hat – For me, hats are much more than a fashion statement. They a) protect my face from the sun, b) forgive bad hair days, and c) add some effortless oomph to any outfit. This classic Black Fedora is also from Topshop. (I really don’t even like Topshop all that much…maybe these items will convert me.) If you haven’t picked up, I really like black.


3. Shades – Taiwan is going to be really hot (and bright), so sunglasses are a no-brainer. The Ray Ban Clubmasters have been with me through thick and thin since my junior year of college and I don’t see us parting anytime soon. I’ve gone through a few pairs of the same glasses and have never been disappointed.


4. A Good Book Preface: I am not a reader, but… whenever I take long flights, I like to take a book. It seems to be the only time I like to read / find time to read. I haven’t read The Defining Decade yet, but I’ve heard really good things about it from friends and my mom — she’s the one who gave us this book. I actually think she gave it to Nick, but I’m going to steal it for this trip.


5 & 6. Refreshing Mist + Lip Care – There are few non-important things I dislike more than the way a plane makes your skin feel. I swear there are times when my skin has been near PERFECT when we take off, and we land… and I feel like I’ve gone through the desert / haven’t washed it in five days. I was recently gifted this travel-sized refreshing mist from Kiehl’s and I’m obsessed with it. I use it when It’s been a long day, I’m on-the-go, and don’t have time to wash my face. (Obviously, I will always opt for washing my face, but this is a close second, and I’m excited to test it while actually traveling.) Planes also never seem to be kind to lips. In the same gift pack from Kiehl’s, I got this Eucalyptus Lip Relief. I like to put it on every night before I go to bed. It makes your lips feel like heaven.


7. Mascara – If you’re near translucent like me, you know that the one beauty product to have on hand so people don’t ask you if you’re sick or tired is mascara. This L’Oreal® Paris Voluminous Original Mascara is a travel favorite for a few reasons. First, it’s cheap, so if it gets lost it’s no big. Second, there’s a waterproof version if you’re going to be out for lengthy amounts of time / you’re a crier. Last, it works really well. It lengthens and volumizes, but isn’t super clumpy and gross like a lot of mascaras. It’s reaaaal nice and light.


8. Lip Color – Second to mascara on my beauty list is lip color. No matter how bad my hair or accompanying makeup looks, a pop of color on the lip always makes me feel ready to go. I discovered this Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil a few months ago before a trip to New York with my mom and use it all the time. They’re completely organic and you can even design your own color at a lab in NY. The shade pictured here is Velvet, but I definitely want to snag another one of these in a red or coral-ly tone before I head out.


9. Translucent Powder – I’m a huge fan of powder, especially in the summer. It always makes me feel “finished” and seems to even my skin tone even though it’s translucent. I’ve been trying this one from Mary Kay and am really liking it. It’s small, so it’s easy to travel with, and isn’t super expensive. Double win.


10. Dark Chocolate – No explanation is needed here.


The last MUST that I’ll be taking on this trip is my camera, but that one’s a tad difficult to photograph… Whether you’re a photographer or not, I cannot recommend taking a camera of some kind to document your adventures enough. Don’t let it be an obsession — take photos of whatever you’re doing and then put it away so you can take it in, be present and enjoy it — but do capture memories. People will want to see the new foods you tried, sites you saw and places you explored.

I’ll be MIA for the next few weeks, but promise you some really fun posts when I get home.

For now I must be going. Talk soon, friends!


6 thoughts on “Travel 101

  1. Under the category of dry airplane air, I add a package of cough drops. My fave — Hall’s Defense Vitamin C. Also, recently bought a tinted Blistex for dry lips at the beach. Definitely not in the same cateogry as Keihl’s but I loved having a touch of color. Can’t wait to try that as well as the lip pencils. You are a “rock star”. Have a happy birthday and great trip.


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