Lachlan + Analia

First off, let’s acknowledge how cool their names are. Also they live in Taiwan. AND they are having twins!

Lachlan and Analia are going to have the most cultured, wonderful children because they completely embody those two adjectives themselves. Collectively they’ve been living in Dan Shui for 13 years. They’re both fluent in Chinese and work as missionaries, loving their community and Jesus better than most people I know. Nick and I got to stay with them when we were in Taiwan (oh yeah, WE WENT TO ASIA… more to come on that) last week and they were incredible hosts — feeding us amazing meals, sharing rusks and rooibos tea with us every day, and lending us their listening ears / offering us amazing advice through early morning and late night chats.

One of our last days there, they let me steal them for an afternoon so we could take some pictures of Ana’s adorable bump. She’s going to be a babe of a mom. What a great life these little twins (they’re calling them “Blue” and “Berry” for now) have ahead.
















_A8A8378  _A8A8380














For now I must be going. Talk soon, friends!


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