Another Year Older

…Another year wiser? Goodness, let’s hope.

I turned (gulp) 26 almost one month ago exactly and my friends surprised my friend Linsey (the one I call Linter) who was also celebrating her birthday, and I with an intimate back porch party. We drank rosé, ate pizza, salad, SPRINKLES CUPCAKES and chatted until it was dark out. The presentation was complete with stringing lights and a table full of unnecessary, but amazing and appreciated gifts. I felt very loved, very blessed, and very full afterwards.

I’m not going to dive into all the profound things I’ve learned in my 26 years of life because I still have a lot to learn, but I will share one thing I’ve found great importance in. Find a few close friends who you can really invest in and who really invest in you. I used to really stress about maintaining super deep relationships with every acquaintance I had. I’d feel the need to ask everyone I’d ever made eye contact with to coffee or dinner until I’d worn myself thin. It was a bit unrealistic. Now I have about five close friends that I keep up with regularly — people who would do anything for me, pray with me, cry with me, laugh with me, and ultimately make me a better person when I’m around them.

All of the people around the table in the pictures below do all of those things and for that I am most grateful.


_A8A7163  _A8A7162



















For now I must be going. Talk soon, friends.

(Older) Kate

p.s. I still love meeting new friends for coffee and dinner. I appreciate the depth of five close friends, but the extrovert in me can’t and will never be stopped. SO HIT ME UP IF YOU’RE HUNGRY.

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