Morning with the Magills

The Magill family is too cool for their own good. Here’s the breakdown: Ben, Molly, Doss, Booth, Guthrie the dog and their soon-to-be daughter who goes unnamed…but I’m sure it’ll be something cool and hip like the rest of them. “Fleur” or “Imogen” or “Ophelia” or “Kate”……

I met Molly through work and we both quickly discovered that we were the older/younger versions of each other. I was in Dallas last week, where the Magills live, and they were kind enough to let me be a fly on the wall during their Friday morning breakfast. Wilco and the Avett Brothers played over the sounds of happy little feet running all over. Coffee was brewing. Bacon and muffins were being devoured — it was such a happy place.

Both Molly and Ben could not be more laid back. They’ve created a home that seriously encourages both Booth and Doss’ creativity, love for the outdoors and EPIC dance performances, which you’ll see below. I hope Nick and I can mimic what they’ve got going on someday.



_A8A8037   _A8A8040



_A8A7971   _A8A7974






















_A8A8540   _A8A8541



For now I must be going. Talk soon, friends!


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