The first time I saw my mother-in-law, Nydrie, I felt intimidated. Not because she looked unkind or intense, but because she’s so beautiful — from her amazing silver fox hair that every hip 21 year old girl is trying to mimic right now to deep down in her bones.

Nydrie came to a friend’s daughter’s wedding in Ojai this past weekend and stayed with Nick and I on the first and last night of her trip. We took her to all of our favorite spots, told and listened to old stories and formed some new memories of our own. There were a few small windows of time when just she and I got to be together and talk — those moments were my favorite because they made me feel like a real Edwards woman. “Oh there go the Edwards women, just walking the dog and chatting about the weather.”

I’ve learned through a few of my close friends that great in-laws aren’t a necessary thing for a marriage with your significant other to be amazing. But it’s a big time bonus when they are.

She let me steal her away for a few minutes before she left and I’m so thankful she did because, well, look at her.





For now I must be going. Talk soon, friends!


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