Oh, Canada

The Edwards clan headed to Canada last weekend for a wedding on Nick’s aunt and uncle’s farm! His cousin Julia (their daughter) got married and it was truly a beautiful day.

It was zero degrees the day of the wedding and the ceremony was outside, but once things got going it didn’t even seem to matter because horses were galloping behind Matt and Julia said their vows and the colors in the trees are what you’d see if you looked up “fall” in the dictionary. I didn’t want to be the wedding photographer’s nightmare, standing up and taking photos with my camera during the ceremony, but I did snag a few pictures of the wedding on my phone that you can see on my Instagram. The pictures below will give you a look at our moments before, after, and in between wedding events.

The farm felt a little bit like I imagine Noah’s ark did. Everywhere you turned there were animals walking around. Kittens, horses, dogs, chickens, you name it. One of the siamese cats had just had six kittens and they were so cute, you wanted to put them in your pocket… so we did.



_A8A9170  _A8A9171  












_A8A9395  _A8A9399
















For now I must be going, dontchaknow? Talk soon, friends!


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