The Holiday

I love Nick, but there is nothing like getting away for a weekend with women.

This past Saturday, I went to Palm Springs with some of my dearest friends for an overnight getaway. We had no agenda but to spend lots of time in a hot tub. That happened, and so did one of the greatest impromptu holiday celebrations to have ever been.

Saturday afternoon we arrived and immediately went outside to the jacuzzi (per the original plan.) As we sat and chatted about life and the rest of the day, we decided that the only appropriate way to spend the rest of the day was to have a secret Santa Christmas party.

We hopped out of the water, headed to Trader Joe’s for Jingle Jangle and hot cocoa. After TJ’s, we all drew each others’ names out of a hat, set a $5 budget, and went to Goodwill to find the best thrift store items we could for each other. Everyone really put a lot of thought into choosing something for their secret someone — I suggest doing this with people you know well, and people who appreciate the glory of a great thrift find.

We finished our shopping and drove around downtown neighborhoods to look at midcentury homes that we’ll never be able to afford… with Christmas music playing, of course. We also snuck into / walked around Korakai Pensione for a few minutes. Pretty sure that all of us had dates on the calendar for when we’d be bringing our husbands back by the time we left.

I randomly had a ton of holiday decorations from a work photoshoot earlier in the week in the back of my car, so once we got back to our condo, we wrapped our presents and decorated the living room. ‘Twas a Christmas Miracle.

With that, I give you our girls’ weekend getaway.



_A8A0284  _A8A0263

_A8A0271  _A8A0278

_A8A0285  _A8A0286



_A8A0314  _A8A0317





_A8A0353  _A8A0360









_A8A0410  _A8A0411


_A8A0432  _A8A0434






The holiday season has officially begun.

For now I must be going. Talk soon, friends!


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