New York

As I was going through and editing all of these photos, I started thinking to myself that this post is either going to come across as really endearing or really creepy because there’s so many pictures I took walking behind my husband.  I did my best to filter…

We went to New York over the weekend for a belated two year anniversary celebration… I also felt a deep need to be in New York in the fall. After this trip, I’m feeling the need to be in New York for every fall of life moving forward.

Below is a breakdown of restaurants we went to, things we did, and places we visited — some of which could not be documented because it was too dark outside or not allowed, but I’d still highly recommend you try it if it sounds at all appealing.

Day 1 – It’s really hard to count this as a day because we landed close to midnight on Thursday night, but we did things, so I’m going to “count” it as a “day.” We got to our Airbnb in Chelsea and quickly departed to hunt down pizza. Our friend Dexter told us about Joe’s Pizza in Greenwich, so we went on a stroll and found it. It was cheesy and delicious.

Day 2 – We woke up, walked the High Line and grabbed a late breakfast at Cookshop. We walked for what seemed like forever until we ended up on the south side of Manhattan by the 9/11 Memorial and museum.

That night we had dinner at Sushi Nakazawa. If you’re a sushi person and looking for a nice meal out, you have to go. Nick and I are both still talking about this meal and how perfect every bite (minus the two pieces of uni we tried for the first time and are now saying we’re “allergic” to) was.

After dinner we hopped over to the Broadhurst Theatre and saw Misery. Bruce Willis was in it and was great, but Laurie Metcalf stole the show.

We finished off the night with Peanut Butter Froooozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity 3.

Day 3 – We went to The Ace Hotel and had breakfast at The Breslin / coffee from Stumptown Coffee. The Breslin has a cool pub feel, and mentally sent us back to Ireland for a bit. If you’re a sweets person, I suggest you get the Whole Wheat Pancakes with bourbon apple butter and candied walnuts. *dead*

This next part was the highlight of the trip for me… I got to meet a celebrity that I’ve been following for a while… her name is Cleo the Bunny. A few days before Nick and I left, I saw an Instagram post saying that she would be in West Elm from 1-4pm on the Saturday we were there. So we went, and it was better than I could have ever imagined. I got to pet her, and take photos with her, and her sweet mother gave me her new cookbook, A Simple Feast. I cannot wait to try out some of the recipes inside and obviously hope to run into them again in the future.

Once I gathered myself, we went to Central Park and rented bikes. We got about halfway through the park and stopped to play in some leaves and watch toy boats race across ponds.

Of course we needed some sweets, so we got more cookies than we probably should have at Milk Bar in Midtown. I may or may not have eaten a Chocolate Chocolate one for breakfast this morning. That evening we went to Eataly and had a long, lazy dinner at Manzo.

We finished off the night getting drinks at Barbounia in Chelsea with one of Nick’s dear family friends, Amy, who lives in Queens. (Order the hummus.)

Day 4 – Day four was great because we got to meet up a few more friends. One of my friends from college, Jade, took us to her favorite breakfast spot on the Lower East Side, Clinton Street Baking Co.

After that, we did Stumptown round 2 and met up with our friend Josh — he’s a juggler. Like, he does it for a living and is super talented. We persuaded him to take some photos of us before our time together commenced.

Before heading to JFK to head home, we made another stop at Eataly — this time for margarita pizza from La Pizza & La Pasta. It never disappoints.

Our final stop was Madison Square Park, where we befriended a squirrel that we named Henry. He had about seven other squirrel friends running around with bushy gray tails. A woman sitting on a bench nearby had a bag of seeds and gave us some so we could feed Henry. I think Otter might need a squirrel sibling now.

On with the pictures…






































For now I must be going. Talk soon, friends!


p.s. If you need a place to stay in Chelsea, hit me up. Our Airbnb was reaaaal cute, as you can see above.

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