Winder Family

HELLO THERE! Happy freaking new year!

This post officially marks the longest amount of time I have gone without blogging since March. 2016 has been so so wonderful thus far, but very busy — hence my delayed writing. Guess my resolution is fairly obvious.

I’m really excited to share tonight’s post with you, featuring the incredible Winder family, and one of my all time favorite locations… the Brand Library. Both Jaimie and Jonathan went to Pepperdine, but we missed each other by a year. Thankfully we’ve got enough mutual friends and we were brought together to take pictures. Jaimie is one of the most babein’ moms I’ve ever met, Jonathan is so laid back and kind and their baby Hudson (who just turned one!) is already a heartbreaker. He knew exactly what the camera wanted and was just unreasonably precious.
















For now I must be going. Talk soon, friends! For real this time.




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