I’m supposed to be on a flight to New York right now, but there’s a blizzard happening, SOOO I’m blogging to kill some time.

My friend Karley and I grew up about 10 minutes away from each other, but we didn’t meet until we were in our freshmen seminar class at Pepperdine. We had both gone through breakups with our boyfriends, and immediately bonded… breakups are the best for that reason.

We lived together our Sophomore and Junior years of college and then she graduated early, moved to the south of France to be an Au Pair and has since gotten married to an awesome guy named Taylor, and now lives in Hilton Head, South Carolina running a creative marketing business and working in the wedding industry.

I really admire Karley for a lot of things. She’s wise beyond her years, knows her opinions, beliefs and thoughts and doesn’t waver in them, and is insanely hardworking and disciplined. On top of all of that, she’s a babe. She came to stay with me for a night last week while she was in town for a work trip, and it was so so so good to see her.

We sat at my tiny Craigslisted kitchen table eating takeout Thai food, talking about everything deep in our lives like our relationships with Christ, marriage, and struggles and relived some of our dumbest moments from college and best memories. It’s so rare these days to have friends that go with you through different seasons of life, who truly know you, and Karley is one of those for me.

Like all my friends, I forced her to come outside into (what I’ve coined) the magical alley because the lighting is always perfection and she looked like a greek goddess.








For now I must be going. Talk soon, friends.


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