Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day. I’ve loved it since I can remember.

I love that we have a day dedicated to love. And that you don’t have to agree on politics, religion, careers, fashion, if In-n-Out or Shake Shack is better, etc. etc. etc. to show someone love. It can be given to anyone.

This morning, Nick and I were on the receiving end of love. We went to our friends Jess and Jonathan’s house for breakfast, and I’ll probably remember it as one of my favorite Valentine’s Day ever. They cooked us homemade breakfast (we’re talking biscuits from scratch, eggs, bacon, honey butter, and hollandaise sauce) and set up their backyard table for four. We talked for hours about God, marriage, family, and naturally, love. We also played with heir chinchilla winks, who ACTUALLY knows how to wink. I was in near tears.

Days like today bring up very different feelings for everyone. For many, it’s a day that truly is dedicated to love — celebrating crushes, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, children, family, friends, strangers. And for others it might be a really painful day — the first Valentine’s Day without someone, or another Valentine’s Day without someone.

Whoever you are reading this, I hope and pray that you feel loved today. If you’re up for it, I encourage you to give love today. Someone might need it just as badly as you do. If you’re a couple, spend some alone time together, and then invite someone single to celebrate with you. If you’re single, gather your favorite people together and share a meal. If you’re a family, turn off your phones and focus on each other. Send someone a flower. Make your neighbors cards. Pay for the people next to you when you go to dinner. Spread. some. love.

And now for a breakfast recap.














For now I must be going. Talk soon, friends.


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