Mini Me

I have a mini me, you guys! Her name is Vera. She’s my niece.

A few weeks ago when my family was together in Texas, we spent the afternoon at a park that my brother and I grew up playing at — Kid Kountry. When I was just three, my parents took us to put our hand prints and names in cement blocks that would outline the park. Every time we go back, we find our hands… they don’t fit in the imprints anymore.

It’s been really fun to see my parents become grandparents (now known as J-Pop and Manna), and my brother and sister-in-law to become parents. Even though there are states between Vera and I, I feel so honored to be her aunt, love getting to watch her grow up and cannot believe how quickly she is doing so. It feels a little bit like Christmas every time we talk on FaceTime (thank goodness for technology). Just last week she and my brother called me and SHE SAID MY NAME. “Kate.” In perfect English. She just turned one in December, so I’ve been feeling pretty great about myself and my name since then.

“Uncle Nick” had to fly to Portland right before this afternoon outing and sadly didn’t get to be there with us. We did our very best to have a great time anyway, and (sorry, not sorry, babe) we were successful.




















For now I must be going. Talk soon, friends!

Kate, formerly Pauley ^^, Edwards

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