Happy Trails

You’ve seen Linsey Metcalf (or as all our friends affectionately call her, Linter) on here before. Remember this time? And this time? One of the side effects of being my friend is that you’re going to, whether you’re ok with it or not, end up in my pictures. 

Linsey moved to LA just over two years ago to work as a graphic designer on a project with my husband Nick. They were placed on the same team, Nick knew she and I would be friends, and he invited her to my 25th birthday party. We thought she was awesome, and somehow convinced her to move a block away from us in Glendale. It was then that our friendship began. 

We worked together, took pictures together, sat outside on our porches, prayed with each other through hard decisions and detours life brought, went to church together, ate tacos at the same breakfast taco place every week after church, journeyed to Big Bear to play in the snow, journeyed to Palm Springs to play in the desert sands, made meals together, and on and on and on I could write. She even became Otter’s “godmother.” Bless her for the hundreds of walks she took him on, trips to the beach and occasional sleepovers. I’m fairly certain that Otter loves her more than Nick and I.

Lins is one of the most hard working, adventurous, talented souls I know. So it should have been no surprise when she told us she was thinking about leaving her job to move to Austin and work full time on The Wild Standard, her incredible flag company that she and her business partner Tara started from nothing.  As you can probably guess from this post — it happened. She turned in her two weeks, and started planning the big move. 

One of the meals we found ourselves eating far too often was grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. It didn’t matter the weather — it was easy, cheap, and always seemed to hit the spot. In more recent days, we started making “crack cookies” for, well, any occasion really and pairing them with Tillamook Vanilla Bean ice cream. I will be blogging about them in the near future. It was only right that we all gathered together on the porch one last time (for now) to give our gal a proper send off. 

Linsey’s parents were there, which made the night extra special. We told stories from the last two years, cried together, celebrated together, asked her about her dreams and fears, and pulled out some flags for a few “we knew her when” pictures that I predict we’ll be showing off sooner than later. 



















For now I must be going. Talk soon, friends!


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