Megan + Sam

Megan and Sam met in college… over a game of Words With Friends. *Amazing*

They were both Young Life leaders. If you know any YL-ers, you know that they are some of the  world’s most fun-loving people. Megan is a) drop dead gorgeous and b) sweeter than a piece of pie. Sam has a really dry, quick sense of humor and gets major points for having a job at Lucasfilm… don’t worry, I attempted to get all the Star Wars secrets I could.

They’ll be tying the knot in Big Sur in September. To get ourselves prepped for outdoor beauty, we ventured into the Angeles National Forest, just in time to catch the golden hour. I don’t think any of us knew the hike we’d be taking, but we all went for it. And Megan was in sandals! A major thanks goes out to both of you — thank you for being up for everything and having the best attitudes the entire time.

Consider these images a teaser… come fall, we’ll be looking at Mr. and Mrs. Gutentag.






















For now I must be going. Talk soon, friends!







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