Sarah + Stuart Wedding

AH, I’m so excited to be sharing this wedding with you!

I’ve been to so many weddings in my life, especially in the last few years as I’ve been shooting them, and Sarah and Stuart’s (speaking The Bachelor here) definitely got a rose. They were both unbelievable calm and gracious the entire day, and had so much fun together, with their families, and with their friends.

They got married at Rancho Soquel in Capitola, California, just about an hour south of San Francisco. The venue was beautiful and the weather was pretty dreamy most of the day. Sarah was a total knockout in her BHLDN dress. Like, nearly everyone would start crying when they saw her because she was so breathtaking.

Stuart’s whole family came out from Connecticut. They were just as lovely as he was. His dad officiated the wedding, throwing in some loving jokes, and personalizing everything to Sarah and Stuart. Tearful vows were exchanged, and when the newly named Mr. and Mrs. walked out, everyone’s faces had nothing but joy.

The entire day was wonderful, but the highlight of the day for me was the reception — particularly the dancing. Stuart’s mom could cut a rug! You’ll see that below. You’ll also see some pictures below of Sarah and her Grandfather dancing… I had to take a moment to make sure my camera was in focus when I was shooting it because it was so sweet that it choked me up. I thought to myself, “THIS! This is why I take pictures.” It’s a moment they’ll want to remember and can now have forever.

Nick was such a killer second shooter. (Side tip: if any of you are photographers and needing a second shooter, it’s really convenient to shoot with your significant other.) I was so thankful to have him there, keeping me encouraged and to catch all the alternate angles. He also knew the bride and her family really well, but hadn’t seen them in a minute, so it felt like a big happy reunion.

Thank you to both of these families for letting us be a part of one of the most important days of your life. It was an honor!























































































For now I must be going. Talk soon, friends!



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